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Artisanal Spam Emails

16 Jun 2014 »

Email isn't as fun as it used to be. Remember Nigerian Prince scams? Remember that one time we thought Grandma got an email address, but it was really our neighbor in 4B, trying to get our wifi password? We don't get that thrill anymore. We don't send emails to the trash like we used to. We have to pay attention to the emails we get these days. I want to change that.

Experiment: Google Docs as Forum

15 Jun 2014 »

In researching how to make a contact page without PHP (as Github Pages won't support it), I realized that Google Forms and Spreadsheets support external embedding. So, using the "action" and "name" variables created by a Google Form, I created my own custom contact page that posts to a Google spreadsheet, which in turn notifies me whenever a submission is made. As an extension of that, I've created this test form which includes both the form, and the spreadsheet on which responses are listed. In theory, and with a bit of work, this could act as a free/simple forum alternative. Check it out →

There's no excuse for having a bad website.

13 Jun 2014 »

No, literally, I made a template.

Public Domain Game Jam Entry: DEAD MOUNTAIN DIARY

23 May 2014 »

The thought process went kind of like this: "Oh, the Public Domain Game Jam is happening this week! Oh, what? It ends at 5:00pm on Friday? What time is it now? 5:00pm on Wednesday? ... Well okay, sure, let's give it a shot."

New RSS Feed

16 May 2014 »

I've finally added an RSS feed for the blog! Now you can add me to your favorite feed reader with this URL.

PONG Forever

29 Apr 2014 »

It's been a while since I've had a chance to work on Level Infinity, but I decided to use one of my breaks at work to make something fun. So, I made PONG... kind of. There's something therapeutic about watching Pong play against itself for hours and hours...

HTML as Translation

28 Apr 2014 »

HTML as Translation

It still needs work, but I whipped up a GIF to represent an idea I haven't been able to get out of my head: HTML (or any code) isn't something mysterious that we have to learn from scratch. It is laid over the fundamentals of a language that we already know, we're just translating for the computer. At the level that the common man has an interaction with the Internet, it's not a mysterious supercomputer with infinite knowledge; It's your Mexican grandmother.


21 Apr 2014 »

In reference to my half-rambled post about the possibilities of a Bitcoin-esque framework applying to the broader concepts of Internet communication/community, I've been pleased to find a few initiatives along the same line of thinking. One of which is Bitmessage, an open-source application built to provide an anonymous (or pseudonymous), trustless alternative to email. I'm playing around with it a bit now, and will probably post my thoughts later. Those of you wanting to try it out with me can message me here: BM-2cVvWufsoULcPTMewCVvw9jSg1ceWhi8q5

My United States of Whatever

16 Apr 2014 »

One of the virtual chatrooms presented in "Ghost in the Shell"

Other Applications for Bitcoin Framework

15 Apr 2014 »

Earlier today, I watched CuriousInventor's explanation of the Bitcoin system. As a fan of the Bitcoin concept, I'm curious about what other applications a distributed ledger system offers. New security for social networks, micro-blogging? A micro-economy of literature? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I'm making a videogame.

02 Apr 2014 »

I’ll start with this: I know next to nothing about making videogames. I poked around in GameMaker as a kid, and poked very little at Unity as an adult, with neither venture coming to fruition. This project has only a couple things going for it: First, a small knowledge of Processing, which is the language I’m writing it in. Second, I knew that I wanted to make a game for a very specific audience: my girlfriend. Other dudes opt for songs or letters or extravagant public displays of affections, but I know this girl— she wants a videogame. Plus, it’s just goddamn fun, and I'm calling it Level Infinity. It’s available here before I get too far ahead of myself.

How to Play Pathfinder (in a Pathfinder)

18 Mar 2014 »

Road trips are awesome in approximately three-hour bursts. You've got your first three hour: blasting tunes, potato chips, deep conversations about adventure. Hours four through six: silently contemplate the open road. By hour six you’re probably grabbing something to eat, everyone’s blood sugar regains normality, and you either go back to step one or head into a stage three nap. Lather, rinse, repeat. The cycle must be broken.

Watch this space.

10 Mar 2014 »

Just made the switch from Tumblr to Jekyll in a (admittedly, probably stupid) conscious effort to limit my online footprint. More experiments, thoughts, videos, audio clips to come in this space.