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My United States of Whatever

16 Apr 2014 »

One of the virtual chatrooms presented in "Ghost in the Shell"

Other Applications for Bitcoin Framework

15 Apr 2014 »

Earlier today, I watched CuriousInventor's explanation of the Bitcoin system. As a fan of the Bitcoin concept, I'm curious about what other applications a distributed ledger system offers. New security for social networks, micro-blogging? A micro-economy of literature? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I'm making a videogame.

02 Apr 2014 »

I’ll start with this: I know next to nothing about making videogames. I poked around in GameMaker as a kid, and poked very little at Unity as an adult, with neither venture coming to fruition. This project has only a couple things going for it: First, a small knowledge of Processing, which is the language I’m writing it in. Second, I knew that I wanted to make a game for a very specific audience: my girlfriend. Other dudes opt for songs or letters or extravagant public displays of affections, but I know this girl— she wants a videogame. Plus, it’s just goddamn fun, and I'm calling it Level Infinity. It’s available here before I get too far ahead of myself.

How to Play Pathfinder (in a Pathfinder)

18 Mar 2014 »

Road trips are awesome in approximately three-hour bursts. You've got your first three hour: blasting tunes, potato chips, deep conversations about adventure. Hours four through six: silently contemplate the open road. By hour six you’re probably grabbing something to eat, everyone’s blood sugar regains normality, and you either go back to step one or head into a stage three nap. Lather, rinse, repeat. The cycle must be broken.

Watch this space.

10 Mar 2014 »

Just made the switch from Tumblr to Jekyll in a (admittedly, probably stupid) conscious effort to limit my online footprint. More experiments, thoughts, videos, audio clips to come in this space.